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a long run in chicago and thinking about things along the way.

A Playlist by Duane Linklater

Installation view, Duane Linklater: mymothersside, MCA Chicago, Mar 11–Sep 3, 2023. Photo: Tom Van Eynde.

Artist Duane Linklater is a runner. In conversation about it, Linklater describes it as a kind of practice, akin to his art, that he does regularly. For him, not only does it have positive health benefits, it has spiritual and mental benefits as he spends time outside and meditates during a run. Yet, he also notes the political connotations surrounding an Indigenous person of color undertaking the simple activity of running, which can create different reactions to different people.

Linklater runs in each location where he’s working and typically makes a playlist that reflects the location. We asked if he could share his running playlist for his exhibition at the MCA. Perhaps it will become your new running playlist, or, if you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, make it the soundtrack to your commute. Duane Linklater: mymothersside closes September 3.

Available on Spotify and Apple Music.