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21 Minus | What Was, What Is

June 17, 20231:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dark blue text against a powder blue background read MCA 21 Minus Sat, June 17, 1–6 pm. Three dark blue squares filled with powder blue text overlap some of the letters. They read, from top to bottom, Teens take over; Teen Creative Agency (TCA); and Teens take over.

About the Event

Designed by Chicago youth and curated and hosted by the MCA’s Teen Creative Agency (TCA), 21Minus is the MCA’s annual exposition of teen creativity and passion. Join us for an afternoon of workshops, performances, art installations, and interventions—all designed to showcase the talents of the next generation of artists and cultural producers. This year’s theme, What Was, What Is, engages our pasts, our histories, and ourselves in order to recognize the realities of our experiences and environments.

The event is free for people ages 21 and under and their families, though all are welcome to attend.