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Educator Workshop | Color Alchemy: An Immersive Meditative Art Experience

October 07, 202310:00 am - 12:00 pm

Free for teachers with registration.

About the Event

Color Alchemy is an immersive sensory experience that allows you to consciously create art through a meditative medium. This workshop invites educators to explore wellness in a unique form that combines sensory through teaching.

This Immersive Meditation and guided painting will focus on activating the Heart Chakra. The school year has started and we have began to form routines, this session is designed to connect and remind us as educators to connect back to and focus on your “why.” This is a reminder to find balance and compassion for ourselves, to be able to give to our students and community. Green is the color that will be featured and themed in representing the heart chakra, which honors nature and symbolizes growth and nourishment.

Cherish, a well-being curator and founder of Beyond Wellness, will guide you through breathe work, movement and guided meditation that invokes you to awaken your emotions to create art that aligns with well being. These mindful practices provide a deep state of relaxation to prepare one’s mind to for the creative process. Chicago native, visual designer, and creative extraordinaire Spifster, will guide you on the mat through a series of paintings that allow color and emotions to collide. The guided painting experience, using different colors and textures, allows participants to physically explore, express and release emotions and energies through the creative act itself. Taking home a piece of art that one created during this meditative state can be a reminder of the experience and insight gained.

Color Alchemy is mindful, intuitive, and emotionally cathartic way to engage with art and self expression. Join us as we combine wellness and art for an unforgettable experience.

Participants are encouraged to wear shades of green. Please wear comfortable clothing due to the light stretches and painting activity that take place. Aprons are provided.

This workshop is open to educators at all levels of mobility and age and yoga mats are provided (though participants are invited to bring their own if possible). All educators receive ISBE credit hours for attendance.

About the Artists

Cherish Hicks. Image courtesy of the speaker.

Tacarra Sutton. Image courtesy of the artist.

Cherish Hicks is the founder of BEYOND, a wellness collective offering classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to help people start and sustain their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Hicks discovered profound healing and transformation through studying mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. Out of this process she developed a method of self empowering meditation, eventually founding BEYOND as a way to cultivate safe, inclusive spaces dedicated to the restoration of mind, body, and spirit through all mediums connected to mindfulness.

As the go-to Chicago manicurist that “spiffs up” manicures to the 10th degree, Tacarra “Spifster” Sutton is known for her innovative and edgy nail designs. Sutton’s precisely painted lines and one-of-a-kind geometric designs have attracted nail techs worldwide to study her craft, clientele such as Megan Thee Stallion, major brands, and a long list of devoted clients country-wide who keep her on speed dial for “spiffing.”


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