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Educator Workshop | Care Practices through Artistic Lineages, Part 2

September 21, 202410:00 am - 12:00 pm

Free for teachers with registration. Register for both workshops.

ASL available upon request

About the Event

This is the second event of a two-part workshop series.

This workshop helps participants learn how they can connect with care practices through their artistic lineages. Participants are invited to research creative traditions from personal, family, and political histories to discuss how these practices can relate to care and wellbeing. Participants learn strategies to create art that is inspired by remembering these stories. This workshop affirms the leadership of BIPOC, queer, disabled communities who preserve their legacies of care work through art.

ASL is available upon request.

ASL provided.

About the Speaker

Photograph of a Black woman-presenting person in a long vibrant blue jacket.

Leah Rachel Gipson. Photo credit: Regina Agu.

Leah Ra’chel Gipson is a multidisciplinary artist and scholar who facilitates hyperlocal community projects. Her work explores race and gender through family history, popular media, and archives using image, sound, textile, and installation. Since 2009, Gipson’s participatory projects in the west side neighborhoods of Chicago have addressed racial and gender inequity, and provided care and support for Black artists, activists, and their communities.