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Teen Creative Agency | Fruits of Our Labor

March 05, 20221:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This event follows MCA Covid Guidelines.

Members of A Long Walk Home and Teen Creative Agency sit and stand on a lawn

TCA and Girlfriends Leadership Institute at event in the MCA Garden on May 22nd, 2021. Photo: Vivian Zamora.

About the Event

TCA invites you to Fruits of our Labor, a celebration of perseverance and community. Enjoy music, games, performances, activities, tabling from local community organizations, and food while visiting the Teen Creative Agency and A Long Walk Home reflection spaces within the Andrea Bowers exhibition.

The space in the exhibition is the result of a year and a half-long collaboration between the two groups as we focused on the issue of missing and murdered Black women and girls in Chicago. This event centers around joy, childhood, and play and serves as an opportunity for collective growth and change. We invite you to join us in circle as we make space as youth within an institution for the voices of those in the struggle against oppression and erasure.

Please RSVP in advance to ensure that you, your family, partners, and friends are all able to attend!