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Marisol | Peach’s x Marisol Brunch Collaboration

October 15, 2022 - October 16, 2022

Reservations can be made on OpenTable.

About the Event

In a special collaborative brunch at Marisol, experience the joint culinary talents of Chef Jason Hammel of Marisol and Lula Café, Chef Clifford Rome of Peach’s Restaurant and founder of Rome’s Joy Companies, and Chef Diana Browder, Executive Chef for the MCA and Marisol. This two-day event that celebrates the diversity in Chicago’s food culture, while uplifting the culinary talents that make up the city’s food scene.

Brunch hours are from 10:30 am to 2 pm. Make a reservation for October 15 or October 16.

The MCA has always provided a stimulating environment for creative exploration and social commentary. Through celebrating food, we will be able to come together and underscore the importance of supporting community culture in every corner of Chicago.

—Chef Jason Hammel

I’m excited to be participating with the MCA and Marisol to bolster solidarity in Chicago’s cultural sphere. . . . This is just one step forward in fostering talent and business ventures in one of America’s food capitals.

—Chef Clifford Rome

About the Chefs

Chef Jason Hammel is the executive chef and owner of award-winning Lula Café in Chicago’s Logan Square community. Known for his trailblazing, creative seasonal cuisine, Chef Hammel was an original voice of the farm-to-table movement, which he helped pioneer at Lula Café beginning in 1999.

Chef Cliff Rome has spent the past 20 years building culinary influence in Bronzeville. He’s the owner of Rome’s Joy Companies, including Peach’s Restaurants, Rome’s Joy Catering, Blanc Art Gallery, and Mise en Place, his culinary/hospitality training program. Chef Rome has received numerous awards and recognition from local, national, and international media alike.

Chef Diana Browder is the Executive Chef for the MCA. Born in South Korea and raised in the Chicago­land area, she found her enthusiasm for cooking through the strong women in her life. That passion led her on a path to earning her culinary degree from Elgin Community Col­lege. Chef Browder recently returned to Chicago after spending six years overseeing restaurant and catering operations as the Executive Chef for Omaha Performing Arts.