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Sensory-Friendly Morning

June 26, 202210:00 am - 11:30 am


Photo by Michael Green © MCA, Chicago


About the Event

Sensory-Friendly Morning is a free program for all people who benefit from visiting the MCA without large crowds and other sensitive environmental elements. This includes visitors with sensory sensitivities, disabilities, autism, PTSD, dementia, and more. On these mornings, lighting at the museum is dimmed, sounds from artworks and environmental noise is kept at a minimum, and a quiet space is available to visitors for breaks. During Sensory-Friendly Mornings, preregistered individuals and their families can visit the museum to explore exhibitions at their own pace, and join a Chicago-based artist for a sensory-friendly art-making experience. The museum is closed to the general public until 11:30 am; at that time, the lights and artworks return to usual operations.

Sensory-Friendly Morning aims to be a welcoming space to experience contemporary art in a judgment-free environment.

AccessibilityFor routes within the museum and details about MCA accessibility initiatives, visit our Accessibility page, or ask any Visitor Experience associate during your trip; they’re more than happy to help you navigate the museum.