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Intricate: Calder and the Poetry of Science

May 14, 2022 - Mar 05, 2023

About the Exhibition

This exhibition looks at the work of Alexander Calder (b. 1898, Lawnton, PA; d. 1976, New York, NY) not only through the poetic nature of his artworks but also through his intuitive demonstration of scientific principles. Using the framework of four different concepts in physics—balance, fulcrums, inertia, and drag—a new layer of complexity and beauty is revealed in Calder’s artistic practice. Eight of his works are on display in Intricate: Calder and the Poetry of Science, each an illustration of how instinct and precision create the effortless kinetic movement for which Calder’s works are known.

Intricate: Calder and the Poetry of Science utilizes a selection of works from The Leonard and Ruth Horwich Family Foundation gifts, extended loans, and Ruth Horwich gifts. The exhibition is curated by Lynne Warren, guest curator and former MCA curator.