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21Minus | Call for Proposals

January 25, 2023 - March 03, 2023

Colorful pieces of paper float over a crowd of people in a large, open white room.

21Minus, curated by the Teen Creative Agency,
Jun 16, 2018. Photo: Grace DuVal, © MCA Chicago.

Are you a Chicagoland resident under 21?
Do you have something to say?
Are you excited to engage hundreds of museum visitors, other youth, and artists?

Submit your project for 21Minus!

This festival of teen creativity and passion fills the museum with exciting, out-there projects by Chicago artists under 21 that invite visitors to engage with the museum and each other in unexpected ways.

This year, the theme is What Was, What Is. On view during 21Minus, Gary Simmons’s exhibition Public Enemy illustrates this theme by exploring the systems of power that historically facilitate the realities of marginalized groups. These systems remain today. As an agent in history’s storytelling, consider how your proposals uncover what once was, and still is. We invite you to consider “What Was, What Is” broadly and to interpret this prompt creatively in your proposals. Our hope is that by engaging our pasts, our histories, and ourselves, we may recognize the realities of our experiences and environments.

Check out the FAQs for lots of information about 21Minus and making a great proposal.

21Minus is curated and produced by the MCA’s Teen Creative Agency with support from Lead Artists Olive Stefanski and Miguel Limon, and Ahmad Bracey, Manager of Youth and Schools. It is free for people age 21 and under and their families.