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Family Day | Spring Blooms

April 13, 202411:00 am - 3:00 pm

Admission is free to Family Day attendees.
Spanish and English facilitation; ASL interpretation provided.

About the Event

Join us on a fantastic journey into the world of alebrijes! Renowned masters of folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico, Jacobo and Maria Angeles, and their son and daughter Sabina and Ricardo Angeles experts in wood carving and creators of the popular figures known as alebrijes, will guide you through a unique experience of color and creativity. In this interactive hands-on workshop, you will learn to color your own Tonas and Nahuales using natural pigments and dyes while exploring authentic techniques passed down through generations.

Artist Moises Salazar will leads a hands-on workshop as part of this month’s Family Day and create your own figures and characters through puppet making.

Designed and led by Chicago artists, Family Day is a monthly program that allows families and youth to connect and engage with contemporary art through activities and performances for all-ages. Enjoy FREE admission while taking part in workshops, open studio sessions, gallery tours, performances, and more.

Activities are facilitated in English and Spanish with ASL interpretation provided.

ASL provided.

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Support for Family Programs is provided in part by the MCA Women’s Board Family Education Initiative.