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Learning Series | The Impact of Food Apartheid in Education Part 3

April 27, 202410:00 am - 11:30 am

This event is free for teachers with registration. ASL is available upon request.

About the Event

Gardening, not Architecture

Throughout the year, the MCA hosts high-quality professional development programming, open to teachers of all subjects, grade levels, and disciplines. These events are educator-specific, skills-based, training on contemporary art integration. Programs are designed in connection with the cultural assets of the MCA and the needs of the Chicago area educators. In keeping with addressing issues of relevance, the 2023-24 Learning Series is a four-part series exploring on “The Impact of Food Apartheid in Education”.

The term “apartheid” is used as it acknowledges the existence of economic and racial segregation systems. And as history has shown us, apartheid systems can be dismantled through collective action.

For Session Three, Eric “Manny” Von Haynes and Ramon “Radius” Norwood, core organizers of Love Fridge Chicago, conduct a workshop titled “Gardening, not Architecture,” which delves into the impactful work of Love Fridge. Love Fridge Chicago is a mutual aid network that aims to combat food apartheid and provide essential resources to the Chicago community.

The workshop covers the strategies and practices this mutual aid network uses to address systemic challenges and addresses initiatives to create sustainable systems that empower individuals and communities. This interactive session include group discussions, hands-on activities, and a creative writing exercise to promote collaboration and understanding.

ASL is available upon request.

About the Speakers

Ramon Norwood.
Image courtesy of Norwood.

Ramon Norwood, also known as “Radius,” is a musician, activist, holistic chef, and cofounder of The Love Fridge, a mutual aid initiative that creates and supports community fridges. He is also the founder of ETC Records and RA’s Natural Abundance.

Eric Von Haynes. Image courtesy of Haynes.

Eric Von Haynes is a cofounder of the Love Fridge Chicago, a mutual aid initiative that creates and supports community fridges. He is an artist and a designer who publishes under the imprint Flatlands Press. Currently, Von Haynes is serving as the President of the Chicago Printers Guild.


Support for teacher programs at the MCA is generously provided by the Polk Bros. Foundation and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation. Additional generous support is provided by Crown Family Philanthropies, Discover, Dr. Scholl Foundation, and the Siragusa Family Foundation.

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