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Learning Series | The Impact of Food Apartheid in Education

October 21, 202310:00 am - 11:30 am

This event is free for teachers with registration.

About the Event

In the first learning series event of this school year, we begin to explore the development of systems of food apartheid and the negative impacts that these systems have on students and communities.

This event is intended for classroom educators. All educators receive ISBE credit hours for attendance.

About the Artist

Photo of Toni Anderson.

Toni Anderson. Image courtesy of the artist.

Toni Anderson is a southside Chicago native dedicated to fostering meaningful eco-social practice as a roadmap for personal and societal transformation. Toni is a practitioner of wholeness, a healer, an urban ecologist, and spiritualist. In 2012, she founded Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab, an organization dedicated to ‘planting freedom’’ by providing robust youth centered coursework spanning urban ecology, global travel/service leadership, space equity, conscious leadership and the arts. Sacred Keepers intentionally examined the value systems and sacred earth keeping traditions of indigenous cultures and how they uniquely relate and are impacted by nature and climate change. Toni uses the rich dynamics of natural and social environments to provide youth with the tools to be agents of proactive, mindful social change. She creates place-based youth development curricula rooted in a love of generational outdoor experiences both domestically and internationally. As a parent, Toni understands the roles that mindfulness and nature play in freedom-making. Toni is a recognized expert and public speaker on the topics of serial displacement disorder, natural and emergent migration pathologies and public space activation as revolutionary praxis. Across the globe she has spread the word about the importance of re-connecting our youth to the outdoors and the oppressive and emancipatory narratives that space holds within communities of color. Toni’s words transcend and transmute the oppressive narratives that space holds within communities of color.


Major support for the Teacher Institute is provided by the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation and the Polk Bros. Foundation.

Additional generous support is provided by Discover.

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