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Screening | The Color Is

Screening | Nick Cave and Jack Cave’s 376 Days

September 27, 20221:00 pm

September 27, 20223:00 pm

September 27, 20225:00 pm

September 27, 20227:00 pm

Free with museum admission. Seating is available on a walk-up basis.

Earlier this year, artists and brothers Nick and Jack Cave created The Color Is—a multimedia extravaganza combining art, fashion, and performance hosted inside the Roundhouse at the DuSable Museum of African American History. The Color Is paid tribute to Black excellence and innovation throughout history, drawing on influences including the Ebony Fashion Fair, ball culture, and the iconic Emerald City sequence from the 1978 film The Wiz.

Director Claudie Miller documented the whole production, creating 376 Days, a film that honors this unique experience. Before the MCA exhibition Nick Cave: Forothermore closes, visitors have an opportunity to view the film in the MCA Theater on September 27 and October 2, with several screenings each day. This event is free with admission and requires no additional ticket.